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SSE Lesson Plans

The aim of SSE is to nurture the children’s awareness that the five universal values of Truth, Right Action, Peace, Love and Nonviolence are within them.
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Helping Hands Club

The SSEHV Helping Hands Club was created in January of 2017 during one of the SSE lesson plans under the topic of “Helping Others”.
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SSE Songs and Bhajan List

List of simple songs and bhajans for SSE Group-1 to practice and sing during bhajans and other special occasions.
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SSE- Sai Spiritual Education

Education has two aspects: the first is related to external worldly education, which is nothing but acquired bookish knowledge. In the modern world, we find many who are well-versed and highly qualified in this respect. The second aspect, known as educare, is related to human values. The word educare means ‘to bring out which is within.’ Deep within every human being are the values – truth, righteousness, peace, love and nonviolence. One cannot acquire them from outside; they have to be elucidated from within. People, however, have forgotten human values, so they are unable to manifest them. Educare means to bring out the human values. To bring then out means to translate the human values into action …. Discourse by Sri Sathya Sai Baba

This wing of Sathya Sai Organization is also known as Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV), sometimes called “Sai Spiritual Education (SSE)”. The program evolved from “Balvikas” which is an Indian term, literally means ” blossoming of the child”.The primary objective of the program is to arouse the latent divine qualities within each child. In SSE classes, awareness of the inner divinity is awakened gradually, through an emphasis on the cardinal human values of Truth, Right Action, Love, Peace and Nonviolence. The teaching is a process of what Sathya Sai Baba speaks of as educare – knowledge revealed from within. One of the most important factors is the teacher him or herself: the SSE teacher must be a living example of the values and virtues being thought. In SSE classes, the process is furthered by telling of the stories, especially the lives of sages, saints, and people of virtuous character from one’s native country. SSE classes also make use of teaching techniques for spiritual education: memorizing prayers, singing devotional songs, repeating god’s name, silence sitting, listening to and enacting stories, participating in group activities, and “life practice” of virtues in daily living.

If you are interested in either teaching, assisting teachers, having your children participating in this program, please contact SSE Coordinator at the below mentioned email address.
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