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Environmental Tips for 30 Days

Serving Mother Earth:

With Swami’s Grace, for the past few years, Sai centers, groups and individuals across our Region have been embracing the auspicious week of Sai Aradhana Day as Sai Go-Green Week. While this time-defined appeal and approach to serving our sweet Mother Earth is to raise the awareness and set the service wheel in motion, it is critical for each of us to observe every day as one in which we stay conscious and take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to conserve resources. Conserving energy, water, time, money and protecting trees and other forms of life is very important to building a strong future, a future in which we hope to see our own future generations live. We may not be remiss in believing that  our mere consciousness and the consequent right actions will lead to the very strength referred to above even as it breeds awareness and positive responses from those our actions influence.

Weekly  tips are presented for your reference. Please watch this space as it will be refreshed with new tips every week.

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